Germany Started the Great War

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  1. The Kaiser and Germany’s Top Military and Political Leaders Planned to Start a Racial War against the Slavs before Russia Was Fully Armed
  2. The Road to the Great War Started with Austria’s Annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1908
  3. Germany Threatened War in 1909, but Russia Backed down and Accepted a Humiliating Defeat
  4. Military Preparations Accelerated after the Bosnian Annexation Crisis
  5. The Kaiser and Moltke Wanted to Start a War in December 1912, but Agreed to a 12-18 Month Delay at a War Council Meeting
  6. After the War Council Meeting, Moltke Sought Additional Increases in Military Spending, Explained the Plan to Attack France by Violating Belgium’s Neutrality, and Pressured Belgium to Allow Free Passage to Attack France
  7. Moltke Told the Secretary of State to Provoke a War in the near Future
  8. The Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and His Wife Sophie
  9. Germany Gave Austria a Blank Check—a Guarantee of Unconditional Support so That Austria Could Crush Serbia Even if It Caused a World War
  10. Austria’s Ultimatum to Serbia and the Russian and Serbian Responses
  11. German Military Preparations
  12. Russia’s Partial and General Mobilizations Did Not Mean War
  13. German Mobilization Meant War
  14. The German Declaration of War
  15. Remembrance
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German Atrocities in Belgium during the Great War: A Sample of Things to Come

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  1. The German Ultimatum to Belgium
  2. The German Invasion of Neutral Belgium Was a Violation of International Law
  3. The Germans Used Human Shields and Killed Belgian Civilians Including Women and Children at the Start of the Invasion
  4. The First Week of the Invasion: The Massacre in Melen
  5. German Soldiers Were Ordered to Kill Belgian Civilians
  6. Despite the Orders, Some German Officers Tried to Stop or Prevent the Killing of Civilians
  7. German Troops Were Ordered to Destroy Dinant and Execute the Civilian Population
  8. Dinant: Massacre at the Bourdon Wall
  9. The Germans Sacked the Medieval Town of Leuven and Destroyed Its Irreplaceable 12th Century Library
  10. The Killing of Innocent Civilians and the Sacking of Leuven Justifiably Turned the World against Germany
  11. Aftermath of the German Invasion and Occupation
  12. Unintended Consequence of Atrocities in Belgium: Disbelief of Nazi Atrocities during the Second World War
  13. Remembrance
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The Holocaust in the Soviet Union

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  1. Hitler Planned a War of Annihilation
  2. The Massacres Started as soon as the Germans Invaded the Soviet Union
  3. After the Spectacular Success of Operation Barbarossa, Hitler Ordered the Acceleration of the Plan to Annihilate the Jews of Soviet Russia
  4. In Late July 1941, SS Units Started to Shoot Women and Children in Larger Numbers
  5. The Massacre in Zhitomir
  6. The Massacre in Chausey
  7. In August 1941, the Germans Started to Kill Children with One Jewish Parent or Grandparent
  8. The Wehrmacht Was Complicit in the Murder of Jewish Men, Women, and Children, but a Few Wehrmacht Officers Tried to Stop the Killings
  9. After Mid-August 1941, the Number of Victims in Each Killing Operation Increased from Thousands to Tens of Thousands
  10. The Massacre at Babi Yar
  11. Hitler Planned the Germanization of the East
  12. The Slutsk Massacre: The Nazis Started to Liquidate the Ghettos
  13. The Minsk Massacre: The Ghetto Was Completely Liquidated to Make Room for German Jews Who Were Deported to the East
  14. The World War and the Final Solution
  15. The Nazis Started to Torture Women and Children before Killing Them
  16. The Destruction of the Jews of Kharkov
  17. In January 1942, Hitler Publicly Announced His Plan to Exterminate All European Jews
  18. The Massacre at Dubno: Rescue, Resistance and Accountability
  19. The Voices of the Dead: Farwell Inscriptions on the Synagogue Walls in Kovel
  20. Remembrance
  21. Endnotes
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